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TOW: What I think about twitter February 2, 2009

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Twitter is actually pretty confusing to me. I suppose it’s because I am really not too up to date on technology. throughout highschool the only time I really needed a computer was when a paper was due in class  and it had to be typed. Now these last few years in college I am becoming more updated, but still a bit hesitant to using alot of different things on the web.  I bought my first laptop only a week ago and am still trying to figure it out, much less all these different websites. Twitter seems very useful though and looks like it could be a big help in the future. It seems alot easier than I am making it out to be. It seems very convenient when having a question and all you have to do is type it on twitter and several people answer it in a matter of seconds/ minutes. Another thing is, I really don’t tell people what I’m up to unless they call or text and ask, yet on Twitter you’re telling people constantly what you’re doing. I like being in contact with people alot though, so twitter will probably become my other half in the long run. Im sure even after my intro to PR class is done I’ll probably keep it around just becasue it has become convenient for me. 🙂


One Response to “TOW: What I think about twitter”

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the One Week of Twitter experience. I’m glad you see the potential in Twitter for PR practitioners.

    Here’s another way of thinking about Twitter: imagine if the prompting question was “What has captured your attention?”

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