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PR Connection: Top 10 Tips in Job Searching!!! March 3, 2009

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10 things what to do to prepare for and during a job interview:

1. Research the company before your interview: get people’s names and what the company does and even the companies other locations
2. Make sure to ask what kind of interview it will be: a traditional one, panel or behavioral interview, or even over a phone or webcam
3. Make sure your appearance is professional: suits with a matching jacket, make sure your shoes are clean
4. one would suggest to take out all piercings and try to cover up tattoos if possible, you don’t want to not get the job because they can see your ink on your arm
5.make sure to use a firm handshake. this is always very important especially in my opinion because if you give a firm handshake they feel your presence and seem to not be intimidated. The biggest thing is you will not be forgotten. It leaves a good and lasting impression
6. Always be aware of your body language: make good eye contact, sit up straight, and make sure your focus is on them the whole time.
7. If something should go wrong during the interview, just say excuse me or sorry and continue on, don’t let it phase you at all.
8. Write down questions to ask: why is this position open? how did you get started in the company?
9. DO NOT ask about what your future pay will be until you start the negotiation process. You need to get hired first!
10. Make sure to get the names and addresses of the panel or interviewer that way you can follow up with an email and a hand-written letter saying thank you.

If you follow these simple tips, add your personality and own flare to the interview, expect a call saying You’re hired soon!


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