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PR Connection: Give Cali a Break! May 1, 2009

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Miss California gave an answer in the Miss USA pageant that has struck controversy all over the US. I think there was nothing wrong with her answer. She answered it to how she knew best. If she would have given the opposite answer (which would still have been her opinion) people would have cheered. A lot of people think she would have won giving the opposite answer! I don’t understand how giving her opinion was wrong? Apparently it wasn’t the “right” opinion. I think she gave a great answer, giving her opinion and doing it gracefully.  She said no offense to anyone and she simply said that’s how she was raised. She was definitely given a double-edge sword question. Either way people would have been upset. Yes, contestants are judged on their question an answer session but they are supposed to be judged on HOW they give their answer, not just the content of it. She would have been it a hit zone no matter how she answered which is completely unfair. I think Perez Hilton has no room to say anything. He is constantly giving his opinion on everything all the time on his personal website. He is a walking contradiction. He demands respect for being different and gay, yet he’s going to call Miss California ” a dumb bitch” because she chose to be different and speak her mind on the issue. She also said how America is a free land of choice. Did people miss that part when she said it? She isn’t judging anyone! She’s right. There is no problem if you choose to live that lifestyle and choose to be or are gay! She simply thinks that marriage should be only recognized between a man and a woman. Let’s give here a break people. After all this is America the land of FREE SPEECH!


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