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Week 3 TOW…..Comments and Feedback! February 16, 2010

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How are comments and feedback important to a/your blog? Comments are very important to a blog because there would honestly be no point in blogging and expressing your feelings if you didn’t get any feedback. The most reason people do blog about their feelings online is to get feedback or possibly even encouragement.  One of the great things about having a blog is sharing your opinions and feelings with others and them sharing their feelings back. An open mind is not necessary in keeping a blog, but it is possible to get one if you keep a blog! People’s opinions vary, and they are not shy to share them sometimes! But i urge you to keep an open mind, for you could learn a great deal about situations by getting “the other side of the story.”  The other side of  speaking your opinion is LISTENING.


2 Responses to “Week 3 TOW…..Comments and Feedback!”

  1. I think that it is nice to have that banter back and forth with another person on different subject matters. But if you don’t happen to gain a large blog following I think it is still a good idea to keep blogging. Blogging for me is kind of like keeping an electronic journal. I think it is interesting to go back and read posts you have written previously to see if your perspective has changed in any way and that way you can reflect on your thoughts and feelings. I think it’s a great way to visually see how you have grown as a writer.

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