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TOW: Good Job SNICKERS….this commercial is a hit! February 23, 2010

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One of the best commercials I have seen in a long time which was recently aired during the Superbowl, is from SNICKERS the candy bar. SNICKERS picked an excellant time to launch the commercial. No doubt they payed a hefty chunk of change for the time slot, but millions of people were watching the Superbowl. People  most likely caught a glimpse of their commercial while waiting for the game to come back on their tube. SNICKERS played this commercial smart. I think you can’t go wrong with a commercial when you bring humor into the mix. Everyone can relate to humor on some level, whether it be stupid funny,  sarcastic funny or whatever. But honestly, who doesn’t love a funny commercial? One that will make you chuckle and out you in a good mood? The best way to a person’s heart is laughter! SNICKER’S PR practitioners must know this and keep it in the back of their head!

This one in particular says “You aren’t you when you’re hungry.” It shows an older woman getting her butt kicked on the football field. And when I say kicked I mean kicked! She is getting body slammed by younger mid-twenties jocks. Then it shows a girl giving the older woman (Betty White) a SNICKERS. All of a sudden,  she turns back into the youthful, rough and tough, looking  jock and instatntly starts playing better. This commercial is advertised and targeted towards everyone. SNICKERS is saying that if you eat our candy, it will make you feel better about yourself and who you are. Once again, the best way a commercial can relate with consumers is through humor. I commend SNICKERS for this commercial!  Good Hit!


2 Responses to “TOW: Good Job SNICKERS….this commercial is a hit!”

  1. lawzta Says:

    I loved this commercial too when I watched the Super Bowl! It was one of those that I was talking about the next day after watching the game and all the commercials from the night before!
    I also couldn’t agree more regarding your statement about loving when commercials have humor in them, that’s what always gets me talking about the product and allows me to remember them. I am not sure if you did, but the Doritos commercial during the game with the little boy talking to his mom’s date/boyfriend. This is one that still gets me laughing and thinking about Doritos, haha. If you have not seen it, I definitely recommend it!

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