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Podcast with Martin Waxman March 24, 2010

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I thought what Martin Waxman had to say was very surprising. I expected a person using Skype and being very involved with public relations would be the first to tell you that being tech savvy and writing a blog everyday is a must. Although he did say it would be good and convenient to have some technological skills, he made it very clear that you don’t want to lose the basics when it comes to PR. That is very refreshing to me because I am definitely not a tech savvy person and have always relied on just my writing skills, a pen, and paper.  Times are changing to where it is very important to be knowledgable about a computer, blogging, and definitely social media. It still is relieving to me though that Mr. Waxman is still looking for the basic PR skills that we all learn in college and on the way to our careers.

Another thing that stood out to me was his three stances on PR which were: simplicity, energy, and integrity. These three thing are all so important to have when involved in public relations. Energy is what stood out to me the most because in this type of field, the hours and work can get exhausting so one must have energy to keep pressing on. One must not give up on his/her client so energy is a very important aspect to have when in PR, or for any field in that fact. I think Mr. Waxman was very interesting and even more interesting when I heard he works out of Canada. Most of my family is from North Dakota and some have lived in Fargo, so he hit close to home when he shared where he was from, and I would love to look more into PR firms and practices more around there! I appreciate Mrs. Nixon in sharing Mr. Waxman with us.

Link to get to podcast: http://www.screencast.com/users/barbaranixon/folders/Default/media/2bd677bb-7215-481a-9ba4-18925fb1d0cc


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