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TOW: PR openmic April 14, 2010

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PR Open Mic is one the most useful websites for PR practitioners, students, and anyone with a passion for public relations.  This site helps serve in getting in touch with different PR people,  and people in that field. Also, advertised, are many activities and social events that anyone can and are encouraged to attend. The thing i like most about PR Open Mic are the groups that you can join. They give an option of sending emails and updating you on their latest activities. There are more than enough groups to join, one offering every kind of aspect of PR you can imagine. This site could actually really help discover what you want to do and accomplish with PR and where you want to end up with your career.

It can however be a bit overwhelming. There are so many options and things to do on this site.  The best thing to do is honestly just explore the site, join different groups, get in on the different activities offered. It is sink or swim when it comes to technology and PR websites I have come to find lately. Don’t be scared of something that can possibly be of such great use to you….embrace it!

One of my favorite groups that I belong to is the “Ask Phil” group. He has this group so students and practitioners can ask questions about the site or even things about PR if they are confused. Since I am not a tech savvy person, Phil is the first person I go to when I have a question about PR open mic or even Twitter or blogging. If you have any questions my best advice is to ask Phil. http://www.propenmic.org/group/askphil.

PR Open Mic is great for people in the PR world as well as for students (like myself) who will be needing to find internships and jobs soon. The job market at the moment is slim pickens and can be a nightmare if not prepared to correctly handle it. The website makes it easy to find information regarding both internships and jobs around the country. There are many blogs and links to articles that offer great tips on everything from writing for the social media to resume advice. if you haven’t checked this site out yet, you should.  propenmic.org.


2 Responses to “TOW: PR openmic”

  1. I really enjoyed browsing the PROpenmic website. I am not a pr major, but I thought it was very useful to students who are. There is so much to do on the website. The best thing that I liked about the website was the listings of internships/jobs. It is very hard to get a job right now especially if you are a recent college graduate or about to be one. It is good to see that there are listings of places where pr students can apply for internships and even jobs. The website also helps you become a better pr practitioner and student.

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