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PR Connection: Tiger’s Apology April 15, 2010

Filed under: PR Connections — Hillary @ 10:09 pm

Well, the cat er uh…tiger is out of the bag. Everyone has been talking in circles about Tiger Woods and his latest controversy with his affairs on his wife. His PR Reps must be working 24 hours around the clock to help Woods cope with the mess he got himself in. Woods recently publically apologized to the country, his family, and fans about his recent decisions. There is no doubt in my mind that his PR Rep prepared most of that apology for him. I’m sure he had some say in it but all he did was read off of his paper the entire “speech.” He rarely looked up from his podium. Could it be because out of shame or he didn’t want to lose his place on the paper sitting before him? I do commend Tiger Woods for stepping up to the plate.  He finally is starting to act like an adult about the whole situation. He admitted he was wrong and sorry. He also has managed to compose himself rather well during all the tabloid bashing of him and even his family.

I do feel for his wife and familyhowever. This is such a private and personal matter and here it is: spread all over magazines, TV, and tabloids for the world to see. She has been handling the media well even though she must be a wreck on the inside. Her husband has been cheating on here with not one…but several women for who knows how long. Finding out news like that she should be curled up in the fetal position trying to hide from everyone. However, she is facing the truth and facts head on. She composes herself well, especially in front of all the TV cameras and reporters that are in her face constantly trying to get a shot of her.  

Should this be a private matter or does the public have a right to know? How much is too much? Should this affect Woods and his golf game? Do you think a lot of fans have sworn him off because of what he’s done?


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