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PR Connection:Pink is the New Red:”Buckets for the Cure” April 22, 2010

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Fast Food has recently joined a cause other than giving heart attacks to people by their greasy food. Using the campaign slogan “Buckets for the cure,” KFC  jumped on the bandwagon immediately. KFC decided to team up with Susan Komen to help fight the ongoing issue of  breast cancer.

People have been questioning the restaurant’s actions in entering the fight. Some seem to think it is an oxymoron. Being overweight can cause your risk for breast cancer to increase. Why would an unhealthy restaurant join the cause? Although there was questioning at first to have a fast food joint aid in the fight for breast cancer, sales have already pulled in 2 million dollars and counting.

Instead of their usual black, white, and red buckets, they now have pink buckets, representing the pink ribbon, serving fried chicken. Even the colonel who is known for his white suit will be sporting a pink suit also representing the pink ribbon for awareness. For each bucket of chicken KFC sells, they are donating 50 cents to the Komen organization. They are also aiming to help educate women in breast cancer and breast health, supporting the cause, and is trying to make the biggest donation in the history of the organization.

“Mother’s day is typically KFC’s biggest sales day, so the idea was that this would be a good window for this promotion… We find that when people see these kinds of promotions, they act on it, whether by going to the website, talking to a neighbor or a doctor, and that’s critical to us — that awareness,” says Andrea Rader, director of marketing and communications at the organization.

People will have until May 23rd to join the cause along with KFC and the Komen Organization. All you have to do is head to the nearest KFC and purchase a bucket of chicken. Pink is the new red! Drumstick or breast anyone?


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