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PR Connection: A Hug from Taylor April 27, 2010

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Two Auburn students, Michael Wekall and Ryan Leander,  have been on a quest to receive a hug from their idol/dream girl Taylor Swift. They started a website in January called http://www.ahugfromtaylorswift.com, which was composed of videos stating their goal and mission to get a hug from Swift. Swift decided to play along and posted her own video challenging the two students to do a good deed and they would earn their hugs. The two had many Facebook and Twitter friends help them compose a video of them helping an elderly woman across the street.

After seeing they completed the task, Swift met their succession with another challenge: Incorporate her lucky number which is 13 into a good deed. Wekell and Leander launched the video April 13th and once again had their friends help them make videos of doing good deeds with the number 13 in them. They gave 13 doughnuts to some friends, a shot from above of 13 cars parked in the number 13, and 13 places to get a hug from Taylor Swift herself.  Swift responded saying she would email them at 12:30 p.m. that day with their 3rd challenge.

The two students then went on their Facebook and Twitter websites and asked fans and friends to meet them at 2 p.m. at The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center. What were they planning? Taylor Swift’s song “You Belong with Me” karaoke style! Over 350 Auburn students met and all sang together the song while Swift was looking through a screen claiming she wish she could be there. All of a sudden she jumped up, said she had an idea and walked away from her computer/camera screen.

Suddenly, Swift and her band members appeared on stage all wearing “A hug for Ryan and Michael” t-shirts. Swift and her band then put on a mini concert for the fans present that day. She then told Wekall and Leander that hugs weren’t enough and she offered them both front row seats to one of her concerts. Swift later tweeted about the event saying, “So we might have flown to Alabama for a surprise show today … One of those unforgettable days. Thank you Auburn!”


2 Responses to “PR Connection: A Hug from Taylor”

  1. bw01605 Says:

    I am a huge Taylor Swift fan, so of course, I loved this post! I love how Taylor always seems so real with her audiences and even in her interviews. She is an amazing song writer; I know every word to every song. Your post gave me one more reason to love her. I think it is amazing how she played along with the boys’ game about getting a hug. She really came through and showed her fans that she does care. By showing up at Auburn she not only made some boys’ wishes come true, she also helped continue her good name of being down to earth. However, I do wish the video you chose continued and showed her playing a song at the boys’ karaoke debut. Great find with this PR connection!

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