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TOW: Infographics April 27, 2010

Filed under: PR Writing 3330 TOW's — Hillary @ 1:07 am

” A picture is worth a thousand words.” Everyone knows and is familiar with this quote. Why? Mostly because it’s true. People can gain much more from a picture or video than from a paragraph of just words. That is why most people who use social media every day use infographics. In a nutshell, infographics are devices that publicize information, facts, and figures in a visual manner (Charts, graphs, videos, clip art, and photos).  It helps the reader digest the information better. I know personally, I tend to have a short attention span and am a better visual learner than just someone reading a book or facts off to me. When I am able to see a video or pictures it can put a better spin on what you are trying to say.

If you have a website and your substance isn’t very organized or visually appealing, audiences will breeze right through your site without giving a second glance back. Users will head on to the next site that looks more interesting if your site doesn’t grab their attecntion almost immediately. This is why infographics are so important to have and be used on a social media website. It hooks the users attention and keeps it. Infographics have the ability and power to make any dull statements, facts, or data visually appealing to users. It will help the presentation of your text keep an orgainized flow and help users to see what you are trying to accomplish and get across to them.  What would you rather look at, paragraphs or pictures that can sum up your idea in a fasionable and organized way? I think most would agree inforgraphics are the way to go when getting a users attention.


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