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Chapter 1 Summary (Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis Wilcox) June 1, 2010

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The biggest thing I took out of this chapter is BE ABLE TO KNOW HOW TO WRITE! Every person that has been a speaker to my communications class, or PR class, or journalism classes have all said this same thing. In every job, you will need to know how to write something. For example, my father works for the government and is with immigration services. He is the guy that literally goes out and busts aliens for not having their green card. Even he needs to know how to write a report…yes i said REPORT….to send to his boss on the different aliens. He tells me all the time along with every teacher I’ve had…be able to write, you will need to know how the rest of your life.

A great way to prepare your writing in an orderly and organized fashion, is the ability to use a computer. There are several programs on the computer that an individual at any job can use:

  • Word –  for creating different documents and writing up reports
  • Excel this program is used  for computing figures, such as accounting or making charts and graphs
  • Powerpoint – this program helps make presentations
  • Publisher – helps with kinds of newsletters
  • Outlook – assists with e-mail

Of course when writing articles, reports, ect. one will need some credible sources to quote and swear by. For such things, dictionaries, encyclopedias, scholarly journals and style books can be of great use. Search engines  off  of the internet can also help out in the source department. Websites such as Google, Yahoo, and Dogpile are all great ways to get sources and information needed for your writing.

There are some guidelines that are crucial to keeping your writing at best.   There are more than several of them but I will highlight just a few to make your writing as perfect as it can be:

  • Outline your purpose for your writing. Ask yourself the W’s. Who you’re sending the message to and why you’re writing this to begin with
  • Short Paragraphs are better than long and drawn out ones
  • According to Wilcox, journalists write stories based on a 4th to 6th grade reading level. Word choice is very important. Use simple words.
  • Get to the point by using active verbs and writing in a present tense
  • Use strong visual descriptions to get the reader’s attention and it also helps portray your story better

This is what i took away from Chapter 1. I hope this info was as useful to you as it was to me. Just following some of these simple guidelines are sure to bring the readers running to your work!


One Response to “Chapter 1 Summary (Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis Wilcox)”

  1. kwilliamspr Says:

    You really could not have said it any better. The Microsoft Office applications are a writers best friends. The only other friend of importance is the dictionary. Im happy that our Public Relations textbook decided to hit the most important key to writing in the first chapter. My advice to those who read this, is to follow your advice.

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