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Chapter 3 Summary June 1, 2010

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Chapter 3 basically discusses the laws that PR practitioners have to and should abide by. Here are some suggestions for staying within the law boundaries that I took from Chapter 3:

  • Copyright your ideas when they are put on paper, but also be wary and do not steal anyone else’s work
  • do not say anything that could cause hurt to a person’s reputation. That is called libel and defamation.
  • no misleading quotes, you don’t want anyone to make a mistake and say they heard something but didn’t
  • do not pass private information to someone and expect them to keep a secret
  • no false advertising, stick to the truth and what you see and report, stay away from the hype
  • trademarks are protected by law (like the NIKE check symbol) if used out of context you could be sued
  • FTC will ensure that advertisements are not false
  • make sure celebrities really do use the product you are trying to sell before you try to pass it off as that
  • watch the language and what you say at all times
  • Securities and exchange commission watches the financial affairs and protects interests of stockholders
  • If you have a blog, twitter, Facebook, etc…watch what you say, you might offend the wrong person and could end up in a law suit. Keep opinions to a minimum

As long as you abide by these rules and watch what you do, you won’t ever have any problem with the law. Always stick to the truth!


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