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Chapter 4 Summary June 1, 2010

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Public Relations publicists should always understand these values:

  1. Timeliness – make news as current as possible, relate your news to what other people are covering, relate news to holidays and special events
  2. Prominence – more people will be attracted to your news if you bring in some sort of big name. A celebrity of some sort will draw in more attention and crowds
  3. Proximity – always try and make it local that way people can relate more to it
  4. Significance – If it can affect a person physically or emotionally it is significant (such as global warming)
  5. Unusualness – Anything odd, weird or out of the ordinary will attract people to what you are saying. Be able to think outside of the box
  6. Human Interest – People love to read about other people and their lives (look at the tabloids)
  7. Conflict – Be aware of conflict because you may not want to cause too much attention to a controversial topic with your client
  8. Newness –  “old” news never sells. Search for any new product, service or good available.

To help with publicity one should do many amounts of research on that company or client. You want to be as familiar with them/it as you can. You can get this through internal documents or media coverage. You also want to check current affairs that can possibly affect the company and possibly bring in opportunities for that client.

Some tactics for generating news include:

  1. special events
  2. contests
  3. polls and surveys
  4. top 10 lists
  5. stunts
  6. product demonstrations
  7. rallies or protests
  8. personal appearances
  9. awards

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