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Chapter 5 Summary June 1, 2010

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Chapter 5 was how to write a news release. In order to compete with all the news releases that are sent out every day you must make sure:

  • must be newsworthy
  • must be timely
  • must be well written

Every publicity plan consists of a news release. News releases help to raise awareness and influence people’s decision making. Your news release should ask the 5 W’s and H, written on letter size white paper, and APA style. There are several kinds of news releases:

  • announcements
  • spot announcements
  • reaction stories
  • bad news
  • local releases

Lead paragraphs summarize the story within 5 lines or less.

A news release has 6 components:

  • organization name
  • contacts
  • headline
  • dateline
  • lead paragraph
  • body
  • boiler plate (optional)

News releases should be sent by e-mail. Don’t use a lot of hype. Stick to facts. Use the inverted pyramid style. Important facts first! Also remember to keep it short and factual: get to the point.


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