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TOW: Lead Lab June 1, 2010

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The Lead Lab was very useful and helpful to me. If journalism or PR is your main career goal; I recommend you to visit this site and possibly even save it as a favorite link! It breaks everything down step by step. It shows you how to write an effective lead in a paper. It tells you lead myths, best ways to correct a lead, and shows you other people’s example of well-written leads. It tells you that you want an exciting and interesting lead to grab people’s attention. You won’t want to overdo it too much though with a lot of “hype.”

There are two kinds of leads:

  • Direct leads: tells you the information about the news
  • Delayed leads:  tell you a story

“Chip” describes everything about leads piece by piece. He breaks it down so you can understand how to properly write a lead. The tips in the lab are very useful for beginners and experts alike. The most useful piece of  The Lead Lab, was  the explanation of the different myths. For example, one of the myths said  that it was wrong to use quotes to start a lead. It is a complete myth. It is proper and ok to use quotes at the beginning of the lead. If you are having trouble with writing leads; this is the place to go for help!

I urge everyone who is a writer, journalist, and reporter to check out this site: http://www.newsu.org/angel/content/leadLab/Explore_the_lab.html


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