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TOW: Clean Your Copy June 1, 2010

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Clean Your Copy opened my eyes to how very little I know about basic grammar! The only part I excelled in was the spelling part. I’ve always been an excellent at spelling, and would USUALLY consider myself  good at grammar. So much for that assumption! Clean Your Copy is a great way to not only help better yourself in writing, but easily takes you step by step. It shows you the same words with different spellings, tells you when to use like or as, etc.  It takes about an hour or two to complete, so make sure you have enough spare time to finish it.

It focused on 4 main things:

  • Grammar
  • AP style
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling

Spelling, punctuation and grammar I did well in when tested on the site. However, my AP skills could use more sharpening. I never had to use AP much until I had to write papers in college. Using this website could help me improve my AP immensly, especially if I plan to write news releases and what not in the near future with my career.

When writing is the main focus in your career, it is vital to have a good knowledge and understanding of grammar. You can’t write a decent column, journal, paper or news release without proper usage of grammar. It is so important to get the basics down before anything more advanced, and that was my problem. I didn’t have my basics down yet. My mom and dad always told me, “You need to learn how to crawl before you can walk!” This is true in anything you do, even something simple as writing a paper. I suggest any person try this site. It can help you excel in writing and has great and simple tips.



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