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TOW: Getting more involved with Twitter! June 9, 2010

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In the last week, I’ve gotten into the Twitter thing a lot more. I wasn’t aware of how many companies and firms were Twitter users. It’s crazy to me while you’re online you can see a person update what they’re thinking at that moment. Major Public Relations companies upload their thoughts and projects all the time. Rob Tencer is one of the PR people who I followed first. This certain PR person is all over the place. He is on Facebook and all over Google. He is updating his twitter constantly. People who crave the spotlight and want to get famous: Rob Tencer is the PR Rep for you!

Ria Ramano is another PR person that I have followed closely on Twitter. She works for the RPR firm which is known globally around the world. This firm deals with thousands of people per day who are trying to get their products or ideas out there.

Twitter is such a great way to promote a company or yourself. I really think twitter is a useful and helpful tool. It can help one find a job possibly, or even if there’s a question you don’t know, you can ask and someone will probably come back with an answer almost right away. It’s one of  the quickest way I’ve gotten ahold of someone besides Facebook and my cell phone. Mrs. Nixon mentioned a story one time that a boy was in the process of getting arrested and he was able to reach in his pocket to his cell phone and tweet to his friends to meet him  at the jail for bail! How handy is that?

Communication plays such a huge part in PR, so having a Twitter account is a great way to relate and talk with other people. Although Twitter is useful and very helpful; people need to be careful how you use it and what you say. After hearing all these horror stories of people getting fired just because they tweet something, scares me a little. Twitter definitely puts a whole new spin on the difference between a personal life or business. All these celebrities have accounts and you would expect them to act more professional somewhat, but Twitter certainly allows them to be normal people and to update their life as it happens. I never thought so much could go into just a simple Twitter account!


4 Responses to “TOW: Getting more involved with Twitter!”

  1. I am really glad to see that you have learned so much about Twitter. I hope your PR network continues to grow.

  2. jameskick Says:

    For somebody not technologically savvy, it sounds like you’re a convert! I’ll have to check those guys out, they sound really interesting.

    Thanks for the info!

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  4. ce00363 Says:

    Twitter is a great tool in getting a company name out there or for people that are interested in a company. I know there are companies and businesses that I have grown very interested in and twitter allows me to see what is going on in the company. It is a way to stay current on things going on globally. Twitter makes it easy to stay up to date with places that you are not near or have no access to. Twitter is just another social networking sight, but the accel at bringing similar people with similar ideas in contact. They then, are able to bounce ideas off and interact over the internet. Go Twitter!!

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