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TOW: 5 Steps to Media Storytelling June 15, 2010

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I didn’t spend a lot of time on the site 5 Steps to Media Storytelling http://www.newsu.org/node/338 but the time I did; I learned a lot. This was an easy step-by-step way to show people how to write a web-based story properly. It also tells of all the different media to use when telling a story and how to use each one to your benefit.

What I learned was that multimedia journalists really need to be ready for the unexpected. They need a laptop, a camera, lens cleaners, extra batteries, cables, tapes, video recorder, duct tape, microphone, and a tripod. It’s essential to carry all this if something goes wrong.

What I also learned was the 5 step process to writing a web-based story:

1. Choose a story – talk to experts and gather info to get ideas and facts

2. Story board – Define elements, name which medium you will be using, and sketch a guide

3. Reporting with multimedia  – equipment is the same no matter where you go, always expect the unexpected

4. Editing for the web – use high quality audio, keep videos short 1 to 2 mins, include photos, use flash to animate graphics, use text for headlines and photo captions

5. Producing the story –  web designer serves as your editor

The thing that shocked me the most was how many things to bring when reporting. I figured a camera and laptop would be good enough! Apparently it requires many more things to write a good story.

I would like to learn more about the reporting part. I would love to see someone use all those things live one day.


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