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Comment July 4, 2010

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maggie crowell: http://maggiecrowley.wordpress.com/2010/06/02/prca-3330-pr-connections-2/

I love celebrity gossip myself, but cannot stand Perez Hilton. I think he is rude, crude, and way too judgemental. I love when people have their own opinions on things but if a person does not agree with him, he will slaughter them to pieces. I can’t stand it. But I do agree that blogging has taken him a long ways, and has made him very successful. Crazy how a simple blog could get you into hollywood!



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Charlie Edward’s Blog:

I agree with your opinion, however, I think BP is doing the best it can to try and prevent any more damage physically or to their reputation. The company’s PR people are going to do the best they can at keeping the situation as light-hearted as possible to try and keep consumers. Although this is a very serious matter, I think BP is trying to stay positive through the whole situation.


Comment # 18 April 28, 2010

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author:Rebecca Candler


The biggest one I agree with is ask for help. I had no clue with what I was doing this semester on my blog. I am not a tech savvy person whatsoever and had a difficult time adjusting to the web world. I should have sucked it up and just asked someone for help. I would have gotten the hang of it a lot sooner. Now that I got the hang of it (towards the end of the semester) I am more knowledgable about what to do and who to comment.


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author:Nicole leigh


I think it’s great how the world can come together and help a nation/ country out. Those people suffered such a horrible loss whether it be their family or their homes. That earthquake destroyed their country and I think it’s great that the US can join together to help relieve Haiti.Millions of dollars went to organizations and charities that donated it to the Haiti relief. I’m glad we’re helping other countries. Wouldn’t we want the same in return?


Comment # 16 April 27, 2010

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author: Erica Campbell


 I completely agree with you. I definately think the player should be held responsible for his actions. If I were his PR Rep I also would make him take responsibility. The NFL did the right thing suspending him. The players need to know that just because they are making millions of dollars a year and always in the spotlight; they don’t get to do anything they want and get away with it. It should be because they are in the spotlight they should be more careful of what they do and remember that they are a role model for people and fans whether they like it or not!


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author: Lauren Whitener

link: http://lawzta.wordpress.com/2010/04/23/pr-connection-7/#comments

I’ll admit I’m not the biggest Lady Gaga fan. Her music is just OK to me and her outfits are not epic, they are simply ghastly and just a plea and cry out for attention. What I do like about her is her attitude. Although I think she begs for too much attention (her outfits and music videos) she knows what she wants and how to get it. She is not scared of taking risks and chances and that is to be admired. Same thing goes for a PR firm. I think if you don’t take chances, you won’t get anywhere in your career and even life. Some people live to take risks, others take risks to live. Great blog post.


Comment # 14

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author: Jessica Teal

Link: http://jessicateal1.wordpress.com/2010/02/19/persoanal/#comments

I completely understand where you are coming from. It is taking me forever to graduate college! Mostly because I work 4 days a week all the way in Brunswick and then have school the other days. Balancing friends,homework, school, and work can be so overwhelming at times. It’s hard to concentrate on school work when you have to support yourself by working too. It’s hard to put school first when I feel like if I don’t pay my bills I’ll be on the street so it’s hard not to put working first. Stick with it though it will pay off in the end!